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Tow Truck Brisbane

Do you want your old car to be towed away? If you are looking for tow truck services in Brisbane, you are at the right place. If you haven’t had a vehicle towed before, there must be quite a few questions in your mind. A tow truck can tow away an old vehicle but it shouldn’t be mistaken for a carrier truck which can move at multiple vehicles at the same time.

The following are a few different kinds of tow trucks used in the towing business. This includes the following.

Boom tow trucks

A boom I fitted with a winch. It comes in handy when there is a need to lift a car from a ditch or any other place where it’s not easy to access the vehicle. Some booms can perform a complete 360 degree rotation. It usually works like a mobile crane. In the beginning a hook and chain system was used, which allowed chains to be put around a vehicle and towed away. However those chains have now been replaced by slings and belt lifts. However cars with and four wheel drive cannot be lifted by slings and would need another kind of tow truck.

Spectacle lift tow trucks

These consist of a large metal yoke which can be fitted under rear tires to help lift the vehicle easily. The major benefit of using this kind of towing system is that it only touches the wheels and doesn’t cause any scratches to appear on the visible parts of the vehicle.

Self-loading or integrated towing trucks

This compromises of the boom and the wheel lift integrated to form a towing device. This is normally used to move illegally parked vehicles from their place. It consists of special kind of apparatus which makes it easier to lift the vehicles while only touching the tires.

Flatbed tow trucks

The backside of this kind of tow truck is fitted with a flatbed which is used to be lowered till ground level and flatted with the help of hydraulic mechanism. In other words this equipment normally carries the vehicle instead of actually towing it away.

These are some of the most common types of tow trucks. Also there are several weight options for each of these. While some are used to lift small or lighter vehicles, few can lift heavier vehicles like land cruisers as well.

Tow trucks are managed by private companies. If you are looking for towing services in Brisbane make sure to check out with the local towing services. This is important because every state in Australia has its own rules and regulations when it comes to towing. These are usually divided into tow categories, standard or private towing.

For more information on towing services make sure you contact ING Towing. Hiring the right towing service would ensure that your vehicle can be carried away with safety. Sometimes new cars tend to stop and you would worry about unintentional scratching. Using the right towing service ensures that your vehicle remains scratch free.

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