Commercial Developments

Commercial Developments in Port Douglas

The sleepy little town of Port Douglas is located in the far north of Queensland, Australia.  This town has seen its fair share of ups and downs in regards to real estate development and industry growth.  As a mining town with a large population to a sleepy fishing village with 331 residents, Port Douglas has seen the need for commercial development. Two reasons have given rise to commercial developments in Port Douglas.


  1. Commercial development has been a direct result of tourism.  With the influx of tourists coming to visit Port Douglas, commercial developers have seen the need to build businesses.  These businesses are directly marketed toward the tourist who are there to relax and rest.  Building restaurants help to showcase the food and culture of this part of Queensland.  Creating businesses for tours of the Great Barrier Reef or a visit to the Daintree Rainforest are essential for tourists.  Tourism is not going anywhere so the opportunities for growth are only go to continue.

Influx of permanent residents

  1. With the influx of tourists comes those who decide this is the place to live out their lives.  Once they have experienced the wonder of Port Douglas, they don’t won’t the vacation to end.  The population of Port Douglas today has risen to over 3500 residents.  These residents are going to need places to work, eat, and connect to the outside world.  Commercial real estate opportunities are growing and the time to buy is now.   According to some reports, one can buy now and sell later for a bigger profit.  Their is also the availability of land to be had.
  2. A big part of living in Port Douglas is tourism.  This connection leads to the develop of business parks where professionals can run businesses that directly affect tourism.
  3. These businesses also house lawyers to help in those legal proceedings needed.  Doctor’s offices and hospitals are needed to sustain the population.
  4. Commercial developments have given rise to residential developments as well.  Building major parks where condos or townhouses are provided are important.  These housing centers can be used for permanent residents or part time residents.  Once again the link between commercial development and residential development is made.

Port Douglas has boomed in the recent years.  In order to sustain the influx of permanent residents and growth of tourism has made commercial development crucial to the people and economy.  Opportunities for success in business has grown and the business of tourism is at the forefront.  Now is the time to become a part of these commercial developments due to value of land and opportunity to build businesses in this wonderful place of paradise.