Roof Safety System

Considering the number of towering buildings and skyscrapers in Australia, most of the companies are hiring various roofers whose work task are always a risk. Hence, in order to make sure that your workers are safe above, here are the following roof safety systems that you should consider.

Always use a rail

Refrain from climbing the window sills and always use a rail whenever you can. In that way, you lessen the risk of falling from free climbing instead of using protective rails. Pre-fabricated railings are most popular to businesses nowadays because of its portability.

Inspect the PPE before sending them to work

Always monitor the PPE of your workers. Before you allow them to start working, you need to assure that they are fully protected with their gears while they are above. Chances are, if you don’t inspect the gears and one of them fails while they are above, they could get into a serious injury. In that way, if there is a potential problem, you could fix it immediately and make sure that your workers are well-protected all the time.

Never send someone on the roof alone

When working with heights, it is important that you work as a team and not as an individual. Hence,  you should not send someone alone on the roof no matter how simple the problem maybe. Another person to accompany your worker can help you lessen the risk in case something happens.

Choose the right working shoes

Also, roofers are advised to wear proper working shoes such as boots with tread and rubber soles. In that way, you can prevent slipping and falling while you are on the roof. It also helps to maintain the balance of your employee while he’s working on something.

Personal fall-arrest systems should not be neglected

If your employee is working on something more than 6 feet above ground, fall protection system must be implemented. Safety net systems must be installed and consider the guardrails as well. Personal fall-arrest system can save thousands of lives so never neglect it.

Do not neglect the harsh elements of nature

Even if it’s just slightly windy, you should never allow any of your employee to risk their lives and go to the roof. Make sure that the weather is in perfect condition before you send them to work. Never let them work when it’s raining or snowing. The chances of slipping and falling into the ground will increase and will most likely result in a serious injury.

Roof safety system is important. It can save a life. Hence, one should not ignore the safety practices of working with heights. Above anything else, prioritizing the safety of the workers is the main job of the employer. Not only you will pay for the hospital bills but your company will also gain a bad reputation because of the incident. Most of the roof access and safety systems in Melbourne are crucial parts for every roofer in Australia.