Biodegradable Coffee Cups

Protecting the world we live in has always been an important cause. As time has progressed it is even more important. With a rapidly rising growth in population there are more people to feed. In order to feed the world’s population, we have to take care of the land accessible to us. Most will think they have to give up something or make big changes in their lifestyles, but they do not. Out of the many actions we can take, one simple thing is to purchase biodegradable coffee cups.

Biodegradable coffee cups are found in many stores and online. Just taking a moment to pick up a product such as biodegradable coffee cups is a step in the right direction, the direction of making a positive imprint on the earth.

What Makes Coffee Cups Biodegradable?

When you are shopping you need to know what a product is made of. Knowing this allows you to make the choice to choose earth-friendly products, like coffee cups. So, what does make a coffee cup biodegradable?

  • Biodegradable coffee cups are lined with PLA (polylactic acid). This chemical is compostable and great for handling thermal heat. It is made as a renewable resin made mostly from corn. Polylactic acid can also be made from sugar cane, cassava roots, chips, or starch.
  • The cup is shaped using sustainable and renewable paperboard.
  • InGeo is another product that is made completely from a plant starch.

Biodegradable coffee cups are a great option for two reasons:

  • Biodegradable coffee cups are a way to keep our landfills from continuing to fill up and not able to hold the garbage the masses produce. These biodegradable coffee cups will eventually compost and return to the dirt without harming the earth.  With compost happening, our landfills will not fill up and our land will not be filled with chemicals that are harmful to plants, animals, or humans.
  • Biodegradable coffee cups are also great to use around your home. If you have a green thumb or grow a garden these cups can be used to start plants from seeds. Once you are ready to plant, there is no need to take the plant out of the cup. Cup and all can go into the dirt because it is not harmful. Maybe you grow a garden and keep compost yourself. Being able to toss these cups in your compost keeps your trash bags from filling up so fast and adds beneficial ingredients to the soil.

Biodegradable coffee cups are a great way to make your mark on the earth. Not only will your coffee taste just as good but you will be able to help our earth. Purchasing biodegradable coffee cups will allow you to know what exactly is in your hands as well as your peace of mind by helping the world you live in.

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