Residential Developments

Residential Developments in Port Douglas

Port Douglas is a small, quaint little town with a total of 4000 residents.  This quaint little town first began as a gold mining town and later became a little known paradise where those looking for an escape may go.  Residential development in Port Douglas has been on a ebb and flow.  When the railroad system was moved farther inland from this little waterfront town real estate investment went down including those investments in developing residential areas.

Why develop in Port Douglas?

  1. The beauty of Port Douglas is unbelievable.  Attractions to be seen in this small town are the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree rainforest, and other tropical places.  If you are looking to spend time in the outdoors then one should not pass up the beauty of Port Douglas.
  2. If your looking for a place with a laid back atmosphere then this is the place to reside.  Port Douglas is known for its small town feel where the people find themselves on the beach or discovering those tropical paradises they are surrounded by.

Residential development historically is not successful in Port Douglas.  When gold was found, the development of Port Douglas soared.  Then industry began to arrive to towns around Port Douglas.  This made residents to decide to move away to places where industry was thriving.  Then again in the early 1900’s when , as mentioned before, the railway was moved further inland residential numbers plummeted to a mere 331 residents.  As of today though the numbers have soared once again to a whomping 4,000 residents with many investors building up the residential areas of Port Douglas.

There is an influx of tourists who are either deciding to stay or make their vacation homes in this beautiful part of the world.  The average age of residents are in the mid 50’s to 60’s.  Condos, townhouses, and vacation rentals are popping up all around.  Investors are seeing the potential of huge incomes by building or buying residential buildings or undeveloped property.

It cannot be stressed enough the success of residential developments in Port Douglas.  This sleepy little town, once nothing more than a fishing village, has now become a known holiday resort.  The rich and famous are flocking here to get away from the busy lives they lead daily.  It is a place of rest and relaxation.  A place of tropical wonders and miles of beach front possibility.

As a real estate developer there are many possibilities for growth.  The mantra of buying low and selling high is still going strong.  Residential development in Port Douglas continues to look promising.  With a history of ebb and flow in this development one may be hesitant to act but overall, development opportunities are looking good.