Office furniture in Brisbane

Furniture is a general term that refers to home and office aides that make our working or living comfortably. The difference in the place where they are found; office furniture is found in an office while home furniture is found in our home. Home furniture includes kitchen chairs, cupboards, sofa sets, dining tables and chairs, kitchen shelves, etc. while office furniture includes; office tables, office chairs, office shelves, drawers, office desks filing cabinets, etc.

Corporate Interiors offer office fitouts in Brisbane. Office furniture forms part of an important element of an office environment. Office furniture is needed to aid employees of an organisation to perform their duties comfortably. They act as a basic facility in the office; hence, an office without furniture deserves another name other than an office.

Different types of furniture are made from different materials, for example, a large percentage of furniture is made from wooden material, other materials used to make furniture include; glass, plastic, metal, and reeds. Some are made from a mixture of materials, for example, wood and reeds, wood and metal, wood and plastic, etc.

Furniture found in a typical office space

Fixed furniture

These are furniture permanently fixed and built-in for a long period, they are long-term furniture which is immobile. Examples of the fixed furniture include shelves that are permanently fixed on the walls, and cardboard partitioning of a room, and many other forms of wooden, metallic and plastic material that are permanently fixed and immobile, they are intended to remain relatively for a long time.

Non-fixed furniture

These types of furniture include all furniture that can be moved from one place to another easily. They include office desks, chairs, wheeled drawers, desktops, etc.

Now let’s look at some of the common furniture in depth.

Office desk

They are in different forms and styles; they can be made of wooden material, metallic or plastic. They form the basis where employees or owners of a business office serve their clients. The top flat surface can be used to make and pick calls, computer monitors can sit on the desktop. Some are furnished to form an elegant office setting while others may include a mini drawer with or without wheels with partitions of storage of light office files and computer CDs. They vary in value depending on the material and the styling of the desk. The final furnishing of the table determines the price of an office desk.

Office chair

There are two major types of office chairs namely; executive chairs and client chairs. Executive chairs are the most expensive and most stylish ones. They have several features that you cannot find in any other type of chairs. They have high backs and can rotate 360 degrees on the waist. They can be wheeled and coated with leather or a smooth, comfortable material to match its high value. On the other hand, client chairs are simple and relatively cheap as compared to executive chairs, they may -be single-seaters or multi seaters.

Couches and sofa seats

They can be found both at home and in the office. Couches and sofa seats in the office replace client chairs in a typical office setting. They are highly cushioned and well furnished, covered with expensive linen to give clients a comfortable experience. They are relatively expensive as compared to client chairs, and they are heavy to be moved around.

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