Concrete slab void formers: Helping enhance construction efficiency

Concrete slab void formers have completely revolutionized the construction industry. Concrete slab void formers are temporary structures which are used in construction to create an empty space within the concrete slab.

These voids are used to place utilities, ducts and pipes. On the other hand, void formers can also reduce the overall weight of the concrete structure. The result is a building that weighs less but has the same durability that is required of it.

Void formers are made from a variety of material which are lightweight, such as, expanded polystyrene foam or recycled cardboard.

Types of void former

  • Foam void formers are lightweight and can be customized easily. These are made from expanded polystyrene foam and used to create bridges and decks.
  • Cardboard void formers are made from recycled cardboard and are eco friendly, these are usually used for creating spaces for electrical systems.
  • Plastic void formers are made from high density polyethylene or polypropylene and are known to be durable and resistant to moisture.

 Usage of concrete slab void formers

  • Void formers can be used in residential construction for creating voids that are required for plumbing and electrical systems.
  • It can also help reduce the weight of the structure.
  • Providing ample space for installation of the ducts required for ventilation system.
  • The concrete slab void formers are also used in commercial and industrial construction projects which include creating space for utility tunnels and underground services,
  • Installing large scale mechanical systems
  • Giving access to individuals for maintenance and future modifications.

Benefits of using concrete slab void formers

  • Void formers help make construction easier by providing predetermined spaces for utilities. This way there is no need to  carry out extra drilling.
  • Useful when it comes to saving time and labor. As a result it can increase in construction efficiency and the project can be finished on time.
  • Void formers are placed strategically within the concrete slab and it results in elimination of excess concrete thus helping by saving costs and reducing the environmental impact.
  • Less concrete is used which lowers transportation and waste disposal costs.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.  using word formers reduces the carbon footprint of the construction project by minimizing the use of concrete.
  • Recycled cardboard void formers contribute towards a sustainable construction industry.
  • Void formers also provide the designers with extra flexibility because these can be customized easily to fit a specific project requirement. It allows architects and engineers to create intricate designs without having to compromise on the structural integrity of the building.
  • Void formers are versatile structures which can help create visually stunning buildings and bridges thus allowing engineers and architects to push the boundaries of creativity.

NuPod void formers are valuable tools in the construction industry. They have a number of benefits like construction efficiency, reducing cost and improving sustainability. There has been an increase in the use of void formers in construction projects worldwide. Using void formers can lead to a more efficient construction project and a greener future.

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