Advantages of using 3D Laser Scanning

Industries from car manufacturers to shoe designers are reaping the benefits of using 3D laser scanning in their businesses. The work becomes accurate and fast in these industries with their use of the structured scanners.

3D laser scanning often referred to as blue or white light scanners, is capable of scanning multiple times every turn and angle of an object, and turn it, within seconds, from a tangible product to a virtual design.

When it comes to manufacturing, the advantages of using 3D laser scanning include:


Time-saving during the design phase

A pre-existing designed product that needs an added new part to make it more efficient becomes possible with 3D scanning. This is because of the ability of the scanner to scan an existing product’s lines and angles as well as provide the perfect and accurate angle to put in the new part.

Doing it this way saves time for alterations to existing designs like no other. Hand-drawn calculations concerning the thickness of an automotive part or ring become a slower and inefficient way of doing it. 3D scanning will make short work of any dimension precisely and accurately in mere seconds.


A Quicker way of processing a prototype

In times past, multiple attempts have to be executed before an accurate prototype can be created. This process today is much quicker, faster, and accurate with 3D structured light scanning. The time spent in the process of design and production is greatly reduced when the prototype cycle is handled by 3D laser scanning.

Other than identifying warped areas and cross-section measuring, the scanner also has the ability to save all the gathered data of the scanned object. Saving data makes the process faster the next time the industry needs a new prototype design.


Quality-control’s quick solution

The accuracy of 3D scanners has made them invaluable not only in manufacturing industries but also in preserving artefacts of major museums around the world. Museums have found that the volume and composition of artefacts scanned by 3D scanners help to preserve them.

The scanner also makes it possible to establish a quicker way of checking the quality of the products of a manufacturing plant. The fast way of using the scanner to check the product against the original CAD design leaves out the guesswork in maintaining top quality every time and all the time.


Capable of producing accurate reproductions

Some manufactured parts that have been designed before CAD can be quickly and accurately reproduced by 3D scanners. All the manufacturing plant needs to do is to have the old part scanned as a way to create a CAD reproduction. The scanner will then be able to compare the accuracy between the scan of the old part to the newly created prototype.


Capable of comparing a designed model to a built model

Scanning a designed model to compare to the built model is probably one of the top advantages provided by the 3D scanner. For instance, the accurate scan of a designed model of a jewel will tell the jeweller whether it will perfectly fit a ring or necklace pendant.

The 3D laser scanning is a piece of machinery that has revolutionised multiple industries and companies. It is a machine that is capable of handling almost everything from creating engineering prototypes to restoring works of art or artifacts. Surveyors at Work offer 3D Laser Scanning. Reach out to them to find out more about the advantages 3D laser scanning can do for you and your business.




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